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Tuesday, 26 September 2017


Bored   AUGUST 30, 2017
by Angel Spent

Well, after a hiatus of several months, I'm back. I had to escape that country to sort of start off again. I did so and it opened doors for me to begin a new life. This has allowed me to make plans, and to feel free. OK, rockers, so here it goes my debut show on Soundcloud. The track listing is pleasantly detailed. As well, some terrific remarks by original members of the bands are added in, starring Steven Metz of Mad Society,  Mike Spent of the Spent Idols and the N. Y. Whores, Kevin McGovern of the Inversions, Danny Shonerd of the Boys, and EVO of the Smärt Boyz. Please share. I hope you enjoy it!


1. The Spent Idols - Bored
The show opens with one of my faves, "Bored"
by the Spent Idols, a track from the band's debut demo tape, and which was recorded in December of 1993. "It had been approximate 10 years since there was a full fledged pink scene and in the early 90s grunge was the rage. Some grunge bands had the beginning of good punk rifts that would regress into a drugged out fury of hippy guitar psyche out which would piss me off and disappoint me," said Mike Spent recently. "I was going to shows looking for a good band, and  by 1992 I found one, the Exploding Fuck Dolls, for which I saw my old punk friend Duane Peters roadie for. He later fronted the band before forming the US Bombs, which were originally called Bomb Squad briefly. Well, running into him that night concreted the idea I had about forming a band for old punkers like myself," continued Mike. This version of "Bored" features Mike Spent on vocals, Jesse Spent on drums, Jon Pankopf (a.k.a. Lurch) on guitar, and Henry Spent on bass. "It was my first new song and the lyrics lay out how I felt and what the 90s were like," Mike explained, "bands like Nirvana, Green Day, etc., calling themselves punk. We restarted a punk rock revolution".

2. The Inversions - Hit Me
The follow up track, "Hit Me," is garagey trustworthy punk rock by the Inversions. Based in Columbus, Ohio, amazing vocalist and leader of the Prostitutes, Kevin McGovern recorded this song as the Inversions at Diamond Mine Studios. "...a song I wrote very quickly in the fall of 2001. I had a new guitar player I was working with and his ability was pretty basic. I kept the riff and chord change as simple as I could. Writing is easier for me when I’m creating out of necessity and simplicity. In my head, I thought a fusion of the Ramones “Pinhead” and Cheap Trick's “Hot Love” would make for a nice train wreck of a song."

described Kevin, "The song is about shooting coke and the paranoia that was everywhere after 9/11. It's about the feeling of invincibility and purity drugs can create when they're present in your life during chaotic and uncertain times. It’s describing the feeling of not wanting to get old and predictable. I was trying to capture a moment in time that I knew wouldn’t last." he carried on, "When I did the handclaps in the studio with my friend Matt, I told the engineer to make it sound pronounced and loud like the handclaps in "Jack and Diane" as opposed to a light garagey 60s sound. The subject matter might have been a subconscious lift." Kevin's backing band on this song was Dave and Doug of Cleveland's GC5. "Hit Me" appears on the Hung By The Phone 7'' EP, released in March of 2003 on the Rapid Pulse label.
Kevin has recorded a new Prostitutes song called “Give Me Head Or Give Me Death,” and he is finishing up 2 more songs for a new EP which is soon to come out. 

3. The Boys - I'm Not Satisfied
Third track, "I'm Not Satisfied" was cut by

Lincoln, Nebraska’s legendary power-pop, proto-glam heroes the Boys. It was the b-side of their debut single (She's My Girl) She's All Mine, issued in 1975 on their own label, Outrage Records. This is an alternate mix, starring vocalists and guitarists Danny Shonerd and Allen Havlicek, plus bassist Terry Pieper and drummer Phil Shoemaker. “The first 3 lead guitar notes are “All The Young Dudes” riff , played faster, I remember I just learned the lick and it worked, after that we just used the melody. The song is basically about a break up girl and guy, and wanting answers, but not getting the satisfied answers and being left empty from the relationship,” declared to me Danny lately, “There may be more to it, but I've never discussed it with Allen , we just let one another write what they wanted if it worked with the melody, Sometime if you get to deep with the writer it ruins the song. if you know what I mean...” 

4. Smärt Boyz - I'm A Lion
The Smärt Boyz from San Antonio, Texas
perform their Rock N Roll masterpiece "I'm A Lion." I really love this song! The composer, EVO a.k.a. Jay Kipling said: “…that Lion song, I'm singing and playing bass, Mad Matt on drums and Richard on guitar.” This is the demo version of “I’m A Lion” and it was recorded at the Sweatbox Studio in Austin in 2011. "I'm A Lion" is also the title track of the Smärt Boyz EP coming up soon on Crowd Control Media Records. 

5. Mad Society - Riot Squad
“Riot Squad” is a primitive hardcore tune by the likes of Mad Society, a great punk band from West Hollywood. It is taken from their 5-song 7" EP, recorded at Electra Flash Studios, and released in 1981 on Hit And Run Records. All the band members were youngsters at the occasion of the recording session, with 10 years old Steven Metz as their yeller, Louie Metz and Marc Vachon on guitars, Cathy Sample on bass, and Aaron Glascock on drums. These days I have contacted Steven, a very kind person. "We were in an apartment. We had an old four track setup. Bass was in the bathroom. Drums in the living room. Guitars in the dining room.  I was singing in the kitchen. We were there all day…" said Steven, about the recording session for their EP.  “Riot Squad” and all the other songs were written by various members of the band. "Cathy wrote some, Louie wrote some, our drummer etc... we really then sat in the garage and formed the songs together back then," emphasized Steven.

6. Active Dog - Fun While It Lasts
“Fun While It Lasts” by the short-lived Vancouver punk rock band Active Dog, came out on the Vancouver Complication compilation LP, issued in 1979 on Pinned Records. The track features Ross on bass Buck Cherry and Terry on guitar, Bill Shirt (a.k.a. Bill Scherk) on vocals, Robert on drums and Gord on keyboards.

7. N.Y. Whores - Kiss Me!
"Kiss Me" was written by Mike Spent and Eric Nathanson (a.k.a. Generic, of the Dead End Kids). "We always talked about a collaboration band... he actually wanted me to front his band but I refused that." remarked Mike, "So we, armed up with the NYW or New York Whores. He wrote the music and we both did the lyrics." "Kiss Me" is the b-side of the N.Y. Whores second single Play The Fool, released by Rapid Pulse Records on September 1st, 1999. This fine punk tune has Generic's wife, Sherry on

8. Aerobitch - Electrocute Your Cock
The VOM cover of “Electrocute Your Cock” is amazingly performed by the Madrid, Spain punk band Aerobitch, highlighting the incredible vocals of Laura Bitch. This song appears on the split 10” vinyl Aerobitch Vs. Puñetazo ?– 13 Steps To Hell released in 1998 by No Tomorrow Records.

9. Cleopatras - Bye Bye
The ending song, “Bye Bye” by the Cleopatras from Siena, Italy, is a rough instrumental that mixes garage punk and surf. It is contained on their second EP Let's Run With… The Cleopatras, recorded Alpha Earthbase Sound Laboratories, Firenze, and released on 
Perdurabo Records in 2001.

At the beginning, Ernesto Talamantez launches the show with the brilliant words “Welcome To The World Of Lousy Rock N Roll.”

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